Moline Biscuit Round Cutter (For Machine Use) - Polyethylene White - 2-3/4"; 7 Cups Wide

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Bismarks are donuts with filling instead of a hole at the center, like the ones beside the cutter shown near the top of this page, in the picture next to the Moline logo. While Moline's rotary cutters are deceptively simple in their appearance they seem to be little more than a lot of cookie cutters fastened to the outside of a metal rolling pin , these devices incorporate a surprising amount of technology and engineering

All cutter surfaces are FDA approved for food contact

Cutter patterns and shafts fit standard 22 rdquo and 24 rdquo wide belts

Designed for durability, easy sanitation and positive dough release

Like all frozen dough products, frozen cookies provide retail bakers with a convenient, highly economical way to produce freshly baked products on site without scaling, mixing, rolling, cutting or scrap

Moline has produced an extensive line of rotary cutters used by Moline customers all over the world in the manufacture of food products as diverse as donuts, cookies, tortillas, focaccia bread, biscuits, croissants and filled pastries.

Please also note that all Moline cutters are subject to a 25 restocking fee if returned Pattern of round cutter Moline Round Bismark/Biscuit Cutter for Machine Use Moline's machine cutters are designed for use on sheeters and make-up tables manufactured by Moline, Rondo, Acme, LVO and others

Precisely manufactured on CNC equipment out of 6061 aluminum material, these are durable cutters made for rigorous use in commercial bakeries

Precision machined to perfect concentricity for accurate, fast and efficient production with gentle dough handling

Rotary cutters have, for example, been essential to the development of the rapidly growing, frozen ready-to-bake cookie category

Rotary cutters offer an economical way for producers to add high-speed automated dough cutting to their manufacturing capabilities, and have enabled them to make products with unsurpassed consistency and uniformity of shape, size and weight

The Round Biscuit Cutter is used for cutting rolls, biscuits and bismarks

The design of Moline rotary cutters is directly linked with such process variables as dough thickness, line speed, production rate, scrap ratio and dough shrink factor